23-month-old boy who drowned in river had upcoming birthday party plans

KOTA BARU: The family of Kelantan's first flood victim, 23-month-old Che Muhammad Faqih Muhamad Faiz who drowned in a river in Kampung Kenari today, had planned a birthday party for him next month.

Faqih would have turned two on Dec 26.

His uncle Che Muhamad Fahmi Che Abdul Halim, 19, said his sister Siti Aisyah, 21, informed them she wanted to throw a big party for her son's birthday.

"She was so excited when she told us about the birthday plans recently. She was unable to commemorate her son's birthday last year due to insufficient resources.

"This year, she plans for a grand birthday celebration together with Faqih's cousin and aunts who were also born in December.

"We are still shocked by the tragedy but have accepted it as a test from God," said Fahmi when met at the victim's home at Kampung Kenari today.

Recalling the incident, he said Faqih was in his room with his father Che Mohd Faiz, 20.

"The father left him on his own while he went to the bathroom. While he was still in the bathroom, the boy's grandfather came over to their house and noticed that the front door was opened.

"His 54-year-old grandfather suspected something amiss when he could not find Faqih in the room and immediately alerted the father.

"We searched for him for almost two hours and when we failed to locate him, we called for help around noon," he said.

According to Che Muhamad Fahmi, firemen recovered Faqih's body inside the river behind the house, and he was assumed to have fallen into the river by accident.

He said Faqih's remains would be buried as soon as the post-mortem is completed.

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