Millionaire mayhem: Maybank customer wakes up to RM404 million glitch

KUALA LUMPUR: A Maybank customer was surprised that she had become a millionaire overnight when her bank account showed more than RM404 million.

HR Forum Malaysia director and co-founder Hafidzah Abdullah admitted in her LinkedIn post that it was just a glitch in the system.

She said in her LinkedIn post the technical error did not make her life easier; in fact, it had the opposite effect.

Hafidzah found her account blocked for three days without receiving any notification from the bank.

"Someone might think I won the lottery. That's not true. It's a system glitch.

"I appreciate this incident and consider it an unforgettable banking experience.

"However, I feel this problem will persist if not resolved immediately," she added, noting that she had to visit the nearest Maybank branch to reactivate her account.

Hafidzah expressed her frustration about dealing with her disrupted bank account for three days.

"They (banks) say money can't buy happiness, but Maybank knows how to buy disappointment.

"I had to cope with banking disruption for three days, especially during the salary period, and I don't find it amusing.

"My personal account was blocked, my company account was unusable, and checking the Maybank account became part of my daily routine," she added.

Maybank's executive vice president, Shaikh Munir Ahmad, commented on Hafidzah's post, asking her to contact him so the bank could follow up on the incident.

"Of course, the matter will be investigated and resolved for you (Hafidzah)," he said.

It is understood that Maybank has resolved the case and assured that no customer data has been compromised.

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