Anwar: Unity government corruption-free is an indisputable record [NSTTV]

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was proud of the fact that the unity government was never implicated with any corrupt practices in the past year that it was in power.

During a special interview 'Setahun Bersama Kerajaan Madani: Tiwikrama Perdana Menteri', he said that in the last one year of the Madani government, no reports emerged of the leaders gathering wealth illegally.

He said that during the previous governance, corrupt practices have become systemic.

"The young ones were never taught to hate corruption though it was clearly mentioned in the Al Quran and Sunnah.

"They (previous leaders) freely give lands and contracts to family members, I find it strange.

"The billions of ringgit which should be transferred to the people were given to their family members.

"There are parties too obsessed with defending such corrupt leaders.

"But we took over with a mandate, in this one year, not a single complaint of the leaders gathering wealth illegally were made.

"It is an indisputable record," he said today.

He also said that the government will be launching a monitoring unit called Pemantau Madani to keep track of the government's announcements and implementations.

He said that the unit will be placed under the Prime Minister Department to be responsible for measuring the extent to which the government's implemented programs achieve the goals as announced.

"I do not want the announcement to sound amazing and interesting but the implementation is bland or half of the success. InsyaAllah (God-willing) we will implement it," he said.

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