Pikom welcomes Gobind's appointment, formation of dedicated ministry

KUALA LUMPUR: The National Tech Association of Malaysia (Pikom) expressed its strong support for the appointment of Gobind Singh Deo as the inaugural Minister of the newly formed Digital Ministry.

Pikom has been a strong advocate for the creation of a dedicated ministry to oversee the critical technology sector for the past decade. We firmly believe that this decision marks a significant milestone in Malaysia's digital journey and will provide the necessary focus and resources to accelerate the nation's digital transformation.

"We are particularly pleased with the appointment of Gobind who is a well-respected figure within the industry and possesses a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities we face," said Pikom chairman Ong Chin Seong.

"We have worked with Gobind before when he held his last ministerial post and his extensive experience will be invaluable in driving the growth and development of the technology sector."

Pikom looks forward to working closely with the new Ministry to address key priorities:

· Enlarging the local market for Information Communications Technology (ICT): We urge the Ministry to implement policies that encourage greater adoption of technology solutions by businesses and individuals across all sectors. This includes initiatives to address skills gaps, promote digital literacy, and build a supportive ecosystem for innovation.

· Improving digitalisation for SMEs (Small, Medium Enterprises) and the rural community and urban poor: It is crucial to bridge the digital divide and ensure that all Malaysians have equitable access to opportunities and services. The Ministry should prioritise programmes that support digital adoption by SMEs and provide targeted interventions to uplift the urban poor and rural community through digital inclusion.

· Increasing digital exports: Malaysia has the potential to become a major player in the global technology export market. The Ministry should work with industry stakeholders to develop strategies that promote the development of exportable products and services, and facilitate market access for Malaysian technology companies.

· Exploring new markets: We encourage the Ministry to actively explore potential new markets for Malaysian technology products and services. This includes leveraging existing trade agreements and exploring emerging markets with high growth potential.

Pikom believes that the creation of the Digital Ministry and Gobind's appointment are significant steps forward for Malaysia's digital future. The creation of the ministry will provide the focus execution needed to give Malaysia a competitive edge.

Pikom also expressed confidence that under their leadership, the technology sector will continue to grow and thrive, contributing significantly to the nation's economic and social development. — Bernama

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