Beyond the Headlines: News & Business 2023 wrap up [NSTTV]

KUALA LUMPUR: In this special year-end episode, 'Beyond the Headlines' revisits the dynamic landscape of Malaysian politics and business throughout 2023.

Among the topics revisited include Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's unequivocal declaration of his commitment to anti-corruption efforts and delved into the practical implementation of relevant measures.

We also dissected the voting trends and shifts from this year's state elections, particularly what it entailed for the current political landscape.

On the economic front, Anwar's decision to halt new skyscraper construction requires an exploration of its rationale and potential implications for the economy and urban development.

The AG's Report revealing Malaysia's federal liabilities at RM1.399 trillion raises questions on global comparisons and the country's financial resilience amid uncertainties. What lessons can be drawn from other nations in managing similar financial challenges?

The end of subsidies for high electricity users signals a shift in fiscal policy. Understanding the reactions from different sectors and assessing the impact on businesses and households is crucial.

The amended Insolvency Act aiming to give a "second chance" to bankrupt individuals raises questions about a sustainable plan for debt repayment and reducing social welfare dependency.

The Forest City controversy's impact on perceptions of foreign investments, especially those involving Chinese companies, needs careful examination. What are the broader implications for Malaysia's relationship with China?

Lastly, the full implementation of the Dual Language Programme (DLP) raises questions about its contribution to broader educational goals and students' language proficiency.

*This episode of 'Beyond the Headlines' was recorded on Dec 28.

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