Education Ministry reaffirms commitment to Dual Language Programme guidelines

PUTRAJAYA: The Education Ministry has maintained its stance on the Dual Language Programme (DLP) and its current guidelines.

Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek said the current guideline coincides with their wishes to strengthen pupils' Malay language and improve their mastery in English.

"Every time we were asked (on DLP), we maintain our decision and there is a guideline that should be followed which means that there is no more arising issue.

"That is our stance and it is in accordance with our wishes to strengthen the mastery of the Malay language and improve the mastery of the English language," she said to reporters after the Education Ministry 2024 Mandate Ceremony, here, today.

Earlier this week, Parent Action Group for Education Malaysia (Page), with the backing of over 35 education groups, submitted a memorandum to all 31 ministries last week, calling for the maintenance of the current dual language programme (DLP) guidelines.


Its chairperson, Datin Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim, revealed that the Education Ministry (Moe) has not responded to any of the meetup requests by education advocate groups, including the request from the former deputy chairperson for the National Education Advisory Council.

Noor Azimah said the memorandum has five major requests, which include: (i) maintain full DLP schools; (ii) respect parents' choice for DLP; (iii) expand the number of DLP schools, classes and pupils; (iv) avoid opening non-compulsory non DLP classes in 2024 by force and; (v) avoid confusing implementation of DLP at all levels.

On another matter, Fadhlina said the ministry is constantly monitoring and improving the Identity Management System (iDME) which is being used by teachers.

This is in response to the National Union of Teaching Profession (NUTP)'s request yesterday who wants to review and conduct multiple tests for the iDME system before issuing instructions to teachers to utilise the system.

NUTP Secretary General Fouzi Singon said there were complaints from educators through social media that they were very stressed when using the system.

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