Govt told to further scrutinise proposal for automatic upgrade of B2 m-bike licence to full B

KUALA LUMPUR: The proposal for an automatic upgrade from a B2 class motorcycle driving licence to a B licence must be scrutinised further as it could have implications for the country's road safety system.

Malaysian Driving Institute Association (PIMA) president Mat Aris Bakar said many things must be taken into consideration before allowing for an automatic upgrade of licences for motorcyclists.

This includes the statistics of accidents involving motorcyclists and their discipline while on the road.

He said, based on statistics, two-wheelers, riders and pillions make up the highest road fatalities.

"Furthermore, 'kapchai' and big bike are two different things. To ride a superbike, it not only requires a B licence, but also additional skills and competencies that one does not get when getting their B2 licence.

"Safety needs to be front and centre of the consideration as the move can endanger the lives of those unfamiliar with the difference in classes," he said when contacted.

Aris added that the move could regress the country's vehicle licensing system as it involved the competency of a rider.

"Furthermore, our driving licence is at par with the outside world. We don't only drive in Malaysia.

"Just imagine, if one who gets his full B licence in Malaysia due to an automatic upgrade will not be able to use it when they are overseas as it may be not recognised in foreign countries.

"This is something that the government should also consider before deciding to go ahead with the proposal."

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the government will find a mechanism to speed up the implementation of the proposal to automatically upgrade the B2 class motorcycle driving licence to a B licence.

He said among the requirements being considered are for the applicant to be 35 and above and must hold a B2 licence for a certain period.

In August last year, Zahid had said the proposal for an automatic upgrade from B2 class to B licence would be brought to the Transport Ministry for initial examination.

The Road Transport Department classifies B2 class driving licences for motorcycles not exceeding 250cc while class B involves motorcycles exceeding 500cc.

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