Putrajaya hopes Pardons Board will issue statement soon [NSTTV]

KUALA LUMPUR: Unity government spokesman Fahmi Fadzil has again urged the media not to draw any conclusions regarding any royal pardon granted to former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

He also reiterated to all media outlets, both local and international, to wait for an official statement and refrain from making premature assumptions about the matter.

"Let's not jump the gun... I am asking assistance from all media to allow us to await an official statement.

"If not, it may lead to various reactions, and, in my view, it is important to maintain professionalism when issuing statements," he told reporters today.

Fahmi said the matter was discussed during the cabinet meeting earlier today, but specific details concerning any Pardons Board decision would be coordinated by the board.

When asked if the decision had been made, the minister kept mum, saying: "I cannot comment on that; it is something for the Pardons Board to comment on."

Regarding the timing of the public statement from the Pardons Board, he said the public will have to wait.

"We hope soon, that is all I can say. You and I both have to wait," he said.

Fahmi, who is communication minister, denied being the source of information for a foreign media outlet that had allegedly reported that Najib's 12-year prison sentence for corruption had been reduced to six years by the Pardons Board after its meeting yesterday.

"Unfortunately, I have met with the journalists from the foreign media, and I am not the source who allegedly shared that information," he said.

Yesterday, the country was gripped by rumours of former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak being granted a royal pardon.

Speculation started with a Malay daily running a source story that the Pardons Board, which met on Monday, had discussed the matter and decided on granting the pardon. The article, however, was later retracted and the media organisation issued an apology.

Also yesterday, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Federal Territories) Dr Zaliha Mustafa said the Pardons Board would be issuing a statement on Najib's application for a royal pardon.

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