Lam Thye: 2024, less politicking, please!

KUALA LUMPUR: In a call for a reduction in politicking, the Alliance For A Safe Community emphasised the need for a shift in focus towards substantive issues that directly impact the well-being of the people.

Its chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said 2024 should be a year to concentrate on more pressing matters, particularly on ensuring that people have better lives.

"Let's stop politicking. It (politicking) should be avoided. It is the responsibility of everyone (the politicians) to improve the lives of the people. To concentrate more, making life better for the people and less politicking," he said.

Meanwhile, Lee highlighted a few points that the unity government must be fully committed to, to improve the wellbeing of the people.

"The government must take care of the people's needs, especially the poor and those in the low and middle-income categories.

"The government must also help various businesses and industries, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) to reduce the cost of doing business, which has increased tremendously and is very hard to cope with.

"The government must undertake this effort to assist them."

Lee added the recent cabinet reshuffle must be a performing cabinet, which can deliver promises to the people."

Lee added greater efforts must be put in by the government to improve various services, provided by the government itself and its agencies.

"This, especially on healthcare, to contain the rising cost of living and services of local authorities to help local communities."

He said of the services by the local authorities: "There's a lot more that needs to be done.

"Kuala Lumpur City Hall for example, there are many complaints received from the people on services they provided which are not up to par."

Lastly, Lee said there must be concrete steps taken to ensure a good maintenance culture.

"The government must ensure, all government agencies are provided with funding for the maintenance.

"For example, the roads. The potholes must be immediately repaired and the same goes with public facilities such as toilets and parks, they must be well-maintained.

"We need to make safety a way of life and the authorities must set an example for it."

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