Fahmi dismisses veteran actor's proposal; prostitution dens not relevant, illegal

PUTRAJAYA: Communication Minister Fahmi Fadzil has rubbished a suggestion by an actor that prostitution dens could curb rape involving foreign workers.

He said the proposal is irrelevant and not even allowed by law.

Fahmi said any suggestion or viewpoint must align with the laws set by the government.

"I agree with the view of the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Religious Affairs), Datuk Dr Mohd Na'im Mokhtar, that we cannot entertain the proposal.

"The law prohibits it; there may be a mistake in Rosyam Nor's own view.

"Regardless, we must adhere to the law. Our legal framework stipulates that no brothels are permitted in Malaysia," he said.

Earlier, Mohd Na'im said the proposal to allow the operation of brothels for foreigners is contrary to the provisions of civil and Sharia law and is clearly against the principles of Islamic teachings and Maqasid al-Shariah.

Mohd Na'im said the proposal is entirely unacceptable and should be rejected by all segments of society.

In seeking a solution to rape cases, Mohd Na'im said the methods prescribed by Islamic jurisprudence should be followed, and harm cannot be eliminated with another form of harm.

Previously, The popular actor and businessman stirred up a hornets' nest when he said that there should be prostitution dens in the country as a means to curb the crime of rape involving foreign workers.

Rosyam Nor said during the 'Hitam Putih Kehidupan' podcast that was uploaded to the Suhan Channel on TikTok yesterday (Jan 7), that prostitution dens are needed as a 'facility' for male foreign workers, many of whom left their wives behind in their home countries to earn a living here.

"Prostitutions dens are needed," said the popular local actor and businessman, who added that prostitution dens are needed in the country as a means to curb and reduce the crime of rape involving foreign workers.

Following this, he issued an apology for a controversial statement he made regarding prostitution dens for foreign workers.

Rosyam said that he never expected such a statement to go viral leading it to be misunderstood and garner various reactions from netizens and members of the public.

He also appealed for everyone to watch the full video that has been uploaded to the Suhan Channel on TikTok and think, make the appropriate assessment for themselves.

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