IGP issues stern warning against errant cops

KUALA LUMPUR: Tan Sri Razarudin Husain did not hold any punches when he issued a stern warning against errant members in the police force.

Without mincing his words, the Inspector-General of Police told members of the force who failed to adhere and comply with the disciplinary and code of ethics to 'berambus' (get lost or leave the police force).

Razarudin also reminded his men that they are members of the Royal Malaysia Police and not "police, Raja di Malaysia" (royalties in the country) when discharging their duties and responsibilities.

"If you cannot adhere to our code of ethics, including the force's anti-corruption stance, then leave... what for remaining in the force.

"Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour (members of the force who failed to comply with the code of ethics in the force) still exists here.

"From now on, I want all the district police chiefs to report immediately to me on cases of their men who breached our disciplinary code. I want the report to be made to me on the spot," he said during a special meeting with the force's top brass, senior officers, and district police chiefs around the country.

The clip of his speech during the special meeting, which took place at the Police College in Cheras near here, is available on the police's official Facebook page.

"We must remember that we are working for the people. However, due to one or two cases (of misconduct involving the police), we are seen as making lives difficult for the people," he said without identifying explicitly which were the cases.

He stressed that the police should carry out their responsibilities and duties accordingly, as they are under the close watch of the people.

"We are 'menjaga tepi kain orang' (loosely translated caring and looking after each other) and not 'masuk dalam kain' (interfering in other people's business). This is important.

"People are closely watching us using available gadgets, whether it's their mobile phones or the dash cams in their vehicles.

"Therefore, do not be so foolish. This is unlike previous years. We are 'Polis Diraja Malaysia' (PDRM) and not 'police, Raja di Malaysia,'" he said.

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