Raghad lodges police report over claims she 'kidnapped' Taib Mahmud from hospital, considers legal action

KUALA LUMPUR: Toh Puan Raghad Kurdi Taib said she has lodged a police report over claims that she had taken her husband, former Yang Dipertua Negeri Sarawak Tun Abdul Taib Mahmud, from hospital against doctors' advice.

In a posting on her Instagram account today, Raghad also said she was considering suing Normah Hospital, where Taib had been warded in Kuching, "if necessary".

Raghad, however, did not reveal when and where she lodged the police report.

"I have filed a police report to refute these baseless claims and protect Tun Taib's privacy and right to choose his medical care.

"We are fully prepared to cooperate with the police in any investigation and will pursue legal action against Normah Hospital if necessary," she wrote.

Raghad also urged the public to disregard misleading reports and respect the rights of Tun Taib to privacy and informed medical decisions.

"My family will remain steadfast and united in these trying times. We kindly seek the public's prayers for my husband, Tun Taib's health and wellbeing."

Earlier this month, Raghad denied taking her husband out of hospital against the advice of doctors.

She also said a report on police probing that Taib had been taken out of hospital against doctors' advice as not true.

In the same posting, Raghad maintained that she did not take her husband out of hospital against the advice of doctors.

Explaning her side of the story, Raghad said she had informed the doctor in charge at the private hospital in Kuching, who she identified as Dr Tan Sian Kong, of her husband's scheduled appointment at a private hospital here.

"Dr Tan approved his discharge and deemed him (Taib) fit to travel. Dr Tan's referral letter to CVS (Cardiac Vascular Sentral) Kuala Lumpur Hospital further substantiates the legitimacy of the discharge and planned admission.

"The decision to bring Tun Taib home was based on informed consent and his right to opt for his best case.

"All the necessary discharge documents according to the hospital's procedure have been signed and all relevant hospital personnel were aware of the discharge," she said, adding that Taib was given 24-hour medical support for care and recuperation while awaiting admission to CVS Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

She also reiterated that claims accusing her of voluntary removal of her husband's medication without alerting the staff on duty were "completely untrue".

"Requests for assistance in removing medical devices were ignored by hospital staff despite repeated calls for assistance.

"The poor treatment and inconsistent medical advice is a serious issue that needs to be looked into and investigated by the hospital," she said.

Such false accusations, she claimed, have resulted in unnecessary stress and confusion on the situation surrounding her and her husband, which compelled her to lodge the police report.

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