Malaysian umrah pilgrim dies onboard Dubai-KL flight

KUALA LUMPUR: A Malaysian pilgrim returning from Umrah passed away aboard a flight from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur this morning.

A witness, identified as Hana, observed the woman, who was part of the Umrah group organised by a travel agency, entering the aircraft's restroom during the flight before collapsing.

"I was seated two rows away from the restroom at the aisle. I noticed the restroom door opening, and she was seated on the floor facing it.

"The crew brought out a medical chair, but she never managed to sit on it, and the next moment, she was on the floor.

"The cabin crew closed the curtains, but I saw a female crew member performing CPR. The woman's hands, visible from under the curtains, were motionless," described Hana.

Hana said the pilot announced an emergency landing in Chennai, India.

"Upon arrival in Chennai, a medical team boarded the aircraft. The crew called for the next of kin, but apparently, she was traveling alone, accompanied only by the tour leader and fellow pilgrims."

"I'm unsure if she passed away, but word is she did ," Hana shared with the New Straits Times.

Meanwhile, a source from the Malaysian Consulate General in Chennai confirmed the incident, stating that the consulate received an alert from the airline regarding the passing of a Malaysian Umrah passenger.

"Yes, it's true. We received an alert at 4am local time today from the airline regarding the passenger.

"The consulate is working closely with the family on funeral arrangements, and the cause of death awaits post-mortem examinations.

"However, the family has requested privacy, and no further details are to be disclosed," the source added.

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