PM Anwar courts Australia, Asean investors with Malaysia's conducive environment

MELBOURNE: Urging Australian and Asean investors and businesses to seriously consider Malaysia, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim underscored the importance of political stability, clear policies, and good governance in creating a conducive environment for investment and economic growth in Malaysia.

In a mission to court Australia and Asean investors and businesses at the Invest Asean Conference in Melbourne on Thursday, Anwar, who is also the Finance Minister, said Malaysia currently under his stewardship is stable and strong.

"Now with political stability, we focus on good governance, and there's clear clarity in policies - a clear plan and priority," he said when addressing the international audience.

Anwar said the government realised that to propel the economy forward, it was essential to fast-track and accelerate the pace of priorities, for example, in the digital transformation.

"We are committed to doing whatever is necessary to ensure this happens," he said.

Anwar stressed that the role of government was not only to facilitate but also accelerate the process and "know your priorities".

"I think the problem with government is that sometimes we think we know everything.

"That's why I mentioned to my colleagues in the Cabinet that even if we have charted this clarity of policy in terms of energy transition, we have to think about the future," he said.

In response to a question on sovereign wealth funds, Anwar said that, while these funds are technically under government control, business decisions made by entities like Khazanah Nasional and Petronas, which he chairs back home, are purely business.

"Although I technically chair, I mean it very clearly. The decisions, business decisions, I provide the policy guidelines.

"Business decisions must be made purely by the business people, experts," he said.– BERNAMA

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