MTUC to MYAirline: Don't wait for new investor, pay wages owed to employees first

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) has called on MYAirline to settle back pay owed to employees first rather than just awaiting new investors.

MTUC secretary-general, Kamarul Baharin Mansor, criticised the company's stance of waiting for new investors, deeming it unreasonable given that salary payment is a fundamental obligation of employment.

Sceptical of the company's ability to attract new investors, especially after being inactive for five months, Kamarul highlighted concerns among workers following reports of a potential investor from the Middle East retracting their offer.

MYAirline halted operations abruptly on Oct 12 last year, citing severe financial difficulties, merely 11 months after its launch.

Transport Minister Loke Siew Fook had previously said that any investor seeking to revive MYAirline must prioritise refunding passengers and settling staff dues in full.

Kamarul stressed the importance of safeguarding the interests of unpaid MYAirline workers, emphasising the urgency for the Human Resources Ministry to provide updates on their wage claims.

He told the ministry to prioritise securing payment of wage arrears and ensuring the welfare of affected workers.

Furthermore, Kamarul called for legislative action to establish clearer protocols for wage payments, termination benefits, and other entitlements in cases of bankruptcy or company closure.

He underscored the need for amendments to existing laws to hold companies more accountable to workers and to prioritise their rights in the event of bankruptcy.

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