National Unity Ministry refutes claims of allocation given to Pemandu for workshop

KUALA LUMPUR: The National Unity Ministry today refuted claims that the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) has received an allocation from the government to conduct a workshop.

Its minister Datuk Aaron Ago Dagang said Pemandu, however, received a fee from the government to conduct a survey and workshop.

"That (the allegation) is not true. We (the government) asked Pemandu to conduct a survey and a workshop.

"They, in turn, ask for a fee which is less than RM500,000. This is a fee, not an allocation," he said during the ministry's winding-up session on royal address debate in Dewan Rakyat, today.

Aaron said this in response to RSN Rayer (PH-Jelutong) who asked about claims regarding the allocation given by the government to Pemandu.

Earlier, Rayer had also enquired the minister whether the claims that Pemandu was given the authority to conduct programmes for Mitra were true.

Following this, Aaron said the involvement of Pemandu in the Malaysian Indian Community Transformation Unit (Mitra) was only as a consultant.

He also said a workshop by Pemandu is scheduled to be held next week to empower Mitra and urged all Indian members of parliament to attend the workshop.

"The workshop will be held next week, between March 20 and 22, so please attend. I hope all of you will voice what you want for your community.

"Pemandu will proceed to see your requests and prioritise them accordingly.

"If you feel the Indian community does not need a consultant and that you can do this yourself, please say that during the workshop and we will do it your way," he said.

The Socioeconomic Development of the Indian Community Unit (SEDIC) was renamed Mitra in 2018. It was initially placed under the National Unity Ministry.

The unit was then transferred to the oversight of the Prime Minister's Department in September 2022.

Last year, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said the unit would be placed back under the National Unity Ministry from the Prime Minister's Department.

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