Kelantan blocks Thai tour buses and vans, cites regulations [NSTTV]

KOTA BARU: Tour buses and vans from Thailand have been prohibited from bringing tourists into Kelantan via the state's three entry points, according to Kelantan Road Transport Department (RTD) director Mohd Misuari Abdullah.

Misuari clarified that only Malaysian tourist operators are permitted to operate within the country, and vehicles from other countries, despite possessing International Circulation Permits (ICP), are not allowed to transport tourists into Malaysia.

"While they (foreign operators) may possess an ICP, this permit is only valid for private vehicles and not for commercial tourism purposes," he said.

Misuari explained that these regulations came into effect on June 1, 2022, following the end of the Covid-19 Movement Control Order (MCO).

The government initially permitted only private vehicles to enter Kelantan and other border states after the Malaysia Immigration Department reopened the country's border with Thailand.

"This directive was issued by the Transport Ministry, possibly in accordance with the Tourism Ministry's policy," he added.

As one of the enforcement agencies stationed at the state's three checkpoints, Misuari emphasised the importance of vigilance in enforcing these regulations.

Misuari's comments came in response to a statement by Kelantan's Tourism, Culture, Arts, and Heritage Committee chairman, Datuk Kamarudin Md Nor, who announced that the Kelantan government is planning to meet with the Transport Minister to address this issue.

Kamarudin stated that the state government has already submitted a letter to the ministry and is awaiting a response.

Meanwhile, Thai authorities have confirmed that their bus and van operators are not permitted to enter Malaysia to transport their passengers.

A Thai spokesperson explained that these regulations were implemented by the Malaysian government two years ago.

"If tourists from Thailand wish to visit Kelantan or other states in Malaysia and have travelled in Thai vans, they must stop at the Thai checkpoints.

"From there, they can cross over to Malaysia on their own and continue to their destinations using Malaysian transportation," the spokesperson said.


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