Mada assures water levels in dams sufficient throughout El-Nino

ALOR STAR: Water levels in three dams managed by Muda Agricultural Development Authority (Mada) remain at comfortable and sufficient levels to support padi cultivation and domestic use throughout the El Nino season.

In a statement today, Mada said that as of March 17, the total storage of water in all three Mada dams stood at 887,920 acre-feet, which equals 72.60 per cent.

"The storage capacity of the Pedu Dam is at 625,000 acre-feet, equivalent to 71.43 per cent, the Muda Dam at 58,750 acre-feet (47 per cent) and the Ahning Dam at 204,170 acre-feet (91.56 per cent).

"For the record, rainfall in Muda territory up to March 16 recorded a lower figure of 59mm compared to the 20-year average rainfall of 164mm," it said.

Mada said that the progress status of the second padi cultivation season for 2023, is at the harvesting stage, with 77.3 per cent of the Muda territory already harvested.

"Thus, water usage for irrigation purposes is at a minimum," it said.

Mada assured the public that despite a slight reduction in reservoir water levels, there remains a satisfactory supply to start the upcoming padi cultivation season, which will commence next month.

"To face the expected El Nino phenomenon, which lasts until June, Mada is taking precautionary measures and acting promptly to maximise the use of recycling pump stations to conserve water from the reservoirs.

"Additionally, operations to supply irrigation water on a rotational basis according to the padi cultivation activities in each region will continue until the full completion of second padi cultivation season for 2023 activities by the end of March," it said.

Meanwhile, Mada advised farmers to manage water at field level efficiently to ensure water distribution is optimised to avoid wastage.

"Mada also reminds farmers to refrain from open burning of padi hay, which can lead to increased temperatures and environmental pollution," it added.

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