Reinstate Territorial Seas Act 2012 to Sarawak - Deputy Prime Minister

Fadillah emphasised the urgency of this matter, advocating for the swift reclamation of Sarawak's maritime rights.

Highlighting the legal basis, Fadillah pointed out that historically, Sarawak possessed its own maritime boundaries, continental shelf, and related jurisdictions until the federal legislation redefined these aspects. He stressed that any federal legal amendments affecting Sarawak should be approved by the state, particularly its Legislative Assembly.

He said that the issue requires careful consideration given its legal complexities. He supports the state's claim and acknowledges the challenges in resolving the legal technicalities involved.

The Deputy Prime Minister made these remarks while attending a community event organised by Sidma College & P194 Petra Jaya at Dewan Perpaduan Kampung Paroh, Kuching. During the event, he also distributed food baskets to 110 recipients and shared bubur lambuk with the local residents.

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