Mydin welcomes move to lower imported rice prices

KUALA LUMPUR: Mydin said it welcomes the proactive step taken by the National Action Council for Cost of Living (NACCOL) to reduce the price of imported white rice (BPI) by between RM2 to RM3 at wholesale and retail levels.

The decision provides relief to consumers, especially during the Ramadan month and approaching the Aidilfitri celebration season, said Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd managing director Datuk Dr Ameer Ali Mydin

"Mydin also took the initiative to lower the price of our own brand rice, MyRasa, by RM3, from RM39.49 to RM36.49 from Mar 20."Other rice suppliers have also reduced the price of BPI by between RM2 to RM3," he added.

He said that industry players hoped that the current price of local white rice, which is currently priced at RM26, can be floated soon to ensure producers can bear the increased production costs of rice and subsequently ensure sufficient supply in the market.

"I hope targeted subsidies and appropriate assistance can be provided to the targeted groups in need to alleviate their expenses," he added.

Government discussions should involve representatives from the industry and consumer representatives to ensure that the finalized decisions are reasonable and fair, he added.

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