Over half of Malaysians update details in Padu, says Rafizi 

KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 17.65 million (58.7 per cent) of Malaysians have successfully updated their details in the Central Database Hub (Padu). Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli, in a statement, said of this number, 11.55 million (52.6 per cent) were citizens above 18 years old.

Perlis has the highest updating rate (66.9 per cent), followed by Kelantan (65.2 per cent), Terengganu (62.7 per cent), Perak (60.3 per cent), Pahang (59.7 per cent), and Kedah (58.9 per cent).

Following this, Putrajaya (56.5 per cent), Negri Sembilan (56.2 per cent), Labuan (55.2 per cent), Melaka (53 per cent), Pulau Pinang (52.9 per cent), Sabah (52.8 per cent), Johor (48.4 per cent), and Kuala Lumpur (47.6 per cent) have updated their details.

The states with the lowest rate are Sarawak (46.7 per cent) and Selangor (44.5 per cent).

"Regarding citizens who were unable to register and update their profiles in Padu, the existing administrative data is sufficient, and will be used by the government to determine their eligibility for targeted subsidies.

"If necessary, the Economy Ministry will announce the reopening of Padu for a brief period for registration and updating, once the government decides on the form and mechanism of targeted subsidies," he said.

After about three months of its opening, the registration and updating of the Padu system has closed at midnight last night.

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