Do not take heat stroke lightly, health experts said

KOTA BARU: The public have been advised not to take the risk of heat stroke lightly following the El-Nino phenomenon happening now, since it can be fatal.

Public Health Physician Datuk Dr Zainal Ariffin Omar said people need to be on alert, especially during the month of Ramadan as the Muslim community is facing drought conditions for a long period of time, which is more than 10 hours due to fasting.

He said if faced with the threat of heat stroke, it could cause the individual to faint in the early stages, as well as having a coma and becoming unconscious, especially for the comorbid group.

"Some people are still underestimating the risk of heat stroke and think it's just a normal condition when it can lead to death," he told Bernama recently.

Meanwhile, Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz Family Medicine Consultant Dr Rashidi Mohamed Pakri said that among the efforts to prevent heat stroke is limiting outdoor activities.

The people, he said, should drink enough water to avoid dehydration, avoid wearing clothes that are too thick, shower as often as possible and also not be in vehicles for a long period of time, especially during the day.

In fact, one should not go from a cold place straight to a place with a high temperature as it will affect the body's ability to regulate temperature and at the same time risk inviting heat cramps, heat exhaustion and even heat stroke.

"If an individual has symptoms including a body temperature above 40 degrees Celsius, sweating, heart palpitations, feeling nauseous and vomiting, should immediately go to the hospital to get proper treatment," he said.

Recently, the National Disaster Management Agency announced one new death due to heat stroke was reported this week, bringing the number of heat-related deaths to two.

The first death involved a 22-year-old individual in Pahang on Feb 2, while the second victim involved a three-year-old boy in Kelantan who died on Monday - Bernama

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