Love conquers all as man with disfigured face weds childhood sweetheart

KUANTAN: Character is more important than looks. This rings true for Nooraini Syazwanie Sidik who married her school friend despite a horrendous accident that disfigured his face several years ago.

The 32-year-old said although her husband's face was no longer the same as when she met him in school at the age of 13, she was certain of his good character.

She was convinced that his good traits and mature and caring outlook were more important.

"His good character has won my heart more than his appearance.

"I have sincerely accepted my husband in my life over the past eight years of our marriage."

Nooraini Syazwanie, fondly known as Wanie, caught netizens' attention after uploading videos of her husband, Mohd Shahmi Salimie, whom she married in 2016, and herself.

Her husband's disfigured face and nose had left many curious over the couple's mutual attraction.

Shahmi's facial appearance changed following a motorcycle accident when he was aged 18. The accident caused a fracture of his nose, and both cheeks along with other severe injuries.

Wanie said first met Shahmi when they were studying in Form One here and developed a close bond. However, they lost contact after both of them shifted elsewhere.

"During our teenage years, we had a crush on each other but we were no longer in contact after I moved to another school. We contacted each other again at the age of 18 when I was informed about his accident and injuries.

"We spoke over the phone and liaised through social media for about two years before I moved back to stay in Kuantan.

"I invited Shahmi to my house for Hari Raya and that was the first time I saw him after the accident.

"I was a little surprised with the facial changes but felt comfortable being friends with him.

"When he mentioned about having a serious relationship, I accepted it sincerely.

"Although his face might have changed, I realised he was the same good-hearted person, so we decided to get married," she said.

The couple has two children.

Wanie, who lives along Jalan Pekan Kuantan here, described Shahmi as her first love and added that her family had accepted him and had given their consent for their marriage.

"He is caring, soft-spoken and always supports me. Some asked if I was serious about choosing him as my husband.

"However, I chose to ignore them as it was my choice and he has been taking care of the family well," she said.

About her video on TikTok, Wanie said she had never shared about her husband's disfigurement on social media due to his request for privacy.

"My husband always follows me wherever I go and people assume he is just my videographer or video editor.

"When I told them that he is my husband, people became interested to know more about his mishap and we were prepared for that.

"We explained it in several videos and I did not expect it to get a lot of attention.

"I was never ashamed to share my husband's photos or videos but respected his request for privacy," said the content creator, part-time announcer and singer.

Shahmi said he was grateful that his wife and in-laws' family had accepted him.

He said he has overcome the disappointment he experienced 14 years ago with Wanie and their children's presence.

He said following the accident, he underwent three surgeries to replace his nasal bone with part of his rib bone but the injuries had affected his breathing.

"After three days of not looking at the mirror, I felt my world was upside down upon seeing my new face.

"I felt sad and was extremely down but tried to remain positive.

"I am feeling much better these days and, most importantly, I am grateful that Wanie has accepted me. I am used to people giving me curious looks especially my nose and have no issues with it," he said, adding that his children have never asked him about it.

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