Raub MP slams arrests of 2 durian farmers

KUALA LUMPUR: The arrest of two durian farmers in Raub amid strong police presence today was condemned by Raub MP Chow Yu Hui.

Chow, who was present at the scene, said he witnessed police presence of about a hundred Federal Reserve Unit officers, local police and Forestry enforcement personnel who were fully armed.

"The two arrested, a 66-year-old female farmer and her worker, were both brought back to the police headquarters. I spoke to the district police chief Superintendent Mohd Shahril Abd Rahman, who gave me verbal assurance that the two would be released later tonight."

Earlier, a video of a blockade at a plantation showed Chow mediating with a plainclothes police officer and demanding that the two be released.

The detention has caused a commotion at the plantation, where farmers gathered to show their support for the two who were arrested.

However, Chow offered them the verbal assurance given by the police, the crowd dispersed peacefully.

"This endeavor is challenging, but we will continue to fight tirelessly. I appeal to the public to support these farmers as they face many obstacles, including covering RM 600,000 in court costs."

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