Big bikers express outrage over Tesla sideswiping incident and want police to treat incident as a serious case

KUALA LUMPUR: The driver of a red Tesla who had allegedly sideswiped a motorcyclist in a video that went viral was not detained when he turned up to lodge a report of the accident.

A traffic police spokesperson here said police only recorded the 37-year-old salesman's statement after the collision took place on May 13 along the Sprint Highway, heading towards Petaling Jaya.

He said police investigations were still underway.

Asked why police were only looking at the incident as reckless and dangerous driving and not something more serious under the Penal Code, he said investigations were still ongoing.

He said the Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Department classifies accident cases under the Road Transport Act (RTA) before further decisions are made based on the outcome of investigations.

Previously, Kuala Lumpur deputy Traffic Enforcement and Investigation Department chief Superintendent Suffian Abdullah said the incident involved a Yamaha 135LC motorcycle and a red Tesla Model 3.

He said a 25-year-old male motorcyclist was travelling along the highway before being pinned after the Tesla driver switched lanes abruptly.

The motorcyclist then struck the Tesla's left side mirror with his hand, and the car driver appeared to sideswipe the motorcyclist, causing him to lose control and fall.

The incident was caught on the rear-view camera of a vehicle that was in front of the Tesla and the motorcycle.

The case has been classified under Section 42(1) of the RTA 1987, an offence which carries a penalty of up to five years in jail and a maximum fine of RM15,000.

Meanwhile, the viral video has outraged the big bikes motorcycling community with many calling for police to view the incident seriously.

Dr Satvinder Singh Callay, who has been riding most of his adult life, said the motorcyclist seen in the video clip had suffered bodily injuries from what is obviously an unacceptable and intentional incident.

"This action is irresponsible and sets a harmful precedent, suggesting it is okay to sideswipe motorcyclists, which is dangerous.

"Although the motorcyclist was only injured, the psychological trauma could be significant, potentially making them afraid to ride again," he said.

He stressed that the driver should be responsible for his action and must be fairly punished so both drivers and motorcyclists can learn from the incident.

Another longtime superbike rider, Kishore Samuel, 47, condemned the incident as a deliberate act of harm.

"Accidents are unintentional, but this incident was clearly a deliberate act of harm.

"It's disgusting to see someone potentially get away with what I view as attempted murder.

"Driving in a manner that leads to ramming into someone and then stabilising the car back into the lane is intentional and causes harm to others," he said.

Another motorcyclist, Rueben Kay, 47, said people should report grievances to authorities instead of showing anger on the road.

"Bikers should not provoke drivers by kicking mirrors, and drivers should not express rage on the road, as it can harm others.

"With insurance available, it's better to report incidents through proper channels and seek peaceful resolutions.

"Sideswiping a motorcyclist is unacceptable," he said.

Reuben also said the driver should receive appropriate sentencing to show both drivers and motorcyclists that road rage leads to serious consequences.

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