Targeted diesel subsidy: Use Padu, vehicle registration data to prevent leakage - MCW

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Corruption Watch (MCW) has proposed the government to use data from the Central Database Hub (PADU) and vehicle registration to ensure those from the B40 and M40 groups receive the targeted diesel subsidy and prevent leakage.

"The database should be regularly updated and synchronised with relevant agencies or by using MyKad or national identification to ensure only eligible individuals can purchase subsidised diesel, which can be done by linking subsidised diesel purchases with a digital identification system," according to MCW in a statement posted on its Facebook page today.

MCW said a centralised monitoring system to oversee the sale and use of subsidised diesel using technologies such as blockchain could also be utilised to prevent transaction manipulations.

It said that a mobile application could also be developed to allow users to register and track the use of subsidised fuel, adding that the application can provide feedback and report directly to the authorities.

MCW said the government should also establish cooperation with retailers to provide training on identifying eligible customers and ensuring compliance with subsidy regulations, among other things.

It said strict action against non-compliance should be implemented, including conducting audits and regular inspections at petrol stations and diesel sales outlets to prevent misappropriation.

MCW also urged the government to provide a dedicated channel to report any leakage or misappropriation and conduct awareness campaigns among the target groups about their rights and ways to get subsidised diesel.

"This can also narrow the opportunities for manipulation and misuse by third parties. Perhaps PADU registration needs to be reopened and available for registration at any time," it added.

Last night, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim announced that the Cabinet agreed to implement a targeted diesel subsidy for consumers in Peninsular Malaysia involving 10 types of public transport vehicles and 23 types of goods vehicles under the diesel subsidy control system.

Anwar said the targeted diesel subsidy would not involve the T20 group and the 3.8 million foreigners and would save the government around RM4 billion annually. --BERNAMA

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