Grab Malaysia contributes to over 180,000 partners' SKSPS

GRAB Malaysia has contributed to more than 180,000 driver- and delivery-partners' Self-Employment Social Security Scheme (SKSPS), as part of its latest partnership with the Social Security Organisation (Perkeso).

This initiative aims to provide social protection for Grab partners, in addition to the financial protection and upskilling initiatives provided under the GrabBenefits programme.

Since April, eligible Grab driver- and delivery-partners have received over RM4 million in matching contributions through the Budget 2024 SKSPS Matching Contribution Initiative.

Under this matching scheme, the individual or company that chooses to voluntarily sponsor the individual contributes 10 per cent while the government sponsors 90 per cent.

Human Resources Minister Steven Sim (centre) with Grab driver-partners, delivery-partners, and guests at a recent MOU exchange ceremony between the ministry, Perkeso and Grab Malaysia. - File pic credit (Grab)


GrabBenefits is a comprehensive benefits programme for driver- and delivery-partners, with three main pillars: Protection, Savings and Academy.

The programme aims to protect partners and their loved ones while on and off the job, enable them to manage and save more on their operational and daily costs, while offering digital programmes for their continued upskilling.

Since day one, Grab has provided free Group Personal Accident insurance for on-the-job incidents and Insurans Bulanan 24/7 for delivery-partners. In 2023, Grab invested RM5.5 million to provide free insurance for all driver- and delivery partners.

Additionally, Grab fractionalised the cost for additional coverage — one in 10 Grab partners opted in for the Personal Accident Plus protection for themselves, their spouse or their family in 2023.

In terms of savings, Grab partners have access to Advance Vouchers that help improve daily financial management by offsetting routine costs such as petrol, groceries and car maintenance.

These vouchers can be paid back in affordable daily instalments with zero fees and no hidden charges — it has saved Grab partners more than RM200,000 in the process.

Additionally, Grab Cash Financing-i is a Shariah-compliant personal financing product that allows eligible partners to apply and pay for it in affordable daily automated payments.

In 2023, 54.3 per cent of eligible Grab partners applied for the financing more than once, mainly for personal use (home maintenance, car down payment) or debt consolidation and payment.


The GrabBenefits programme has had a positive impact on the lives of Grab partners, offering an invaluable financial lifeline in times of need.

One such example is Patrick Chan, who has been a Grab driver-partner since 2018. He used Grab's financing aid to invest in equipment for his photography business and kept the balance to help him manage his day-to-day expenses.

Kak Leen, a Grab delivery-partner since 2018, applied for financing support to pay the deposit for her child's motorcycle, consolidated her debts and also built her savings with Amanah Saham Bumiputera. 

Grab's commitment to its partners is a testament to the company's dedication to empower everyone with simple, transparent and flexible financial products while changing the landscape in Malaysia.

The company aims to continue developing innovative products to cater to the financial needs of Malaysians in the future.

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