Man who walked 20km for food lands job as cook in restaurant

BERANANG: A man who gained viral fame on social media for walking almost 20km from Beranang to Kajang a few days ago has started working part-time as a cook at a restaurant.

The man (who identifies himself as Rashid), who now works in a restaurant near Bangi, Selangor, said his life has improved after the post went viral on social media.

Rashid expressed his gratitude to the public who stepped forward to help ease his burden.

"I have enough for my family's needs and many have come to help.

"I have also started working," he said.

Meanwhile, Mohd Roimran Mohd Jalaluddin, 34, owner of Nasi Kukus Kak Chiq stall, who posted Rashid's story on Facebook, said that his intention was to inform the public so that people would know there are those in need and require assistance.

However, Roimran admitted to feeling hurt when a few netizens accused him of taking advantage of someone else's hardship.

He said that last Tuesday, he received a WhatsApp message from Rashid asking if there was any leftover rice.

According to Roimran, his rice had already sold out and he was preparing to close his stall as it was late in the evening.

"He asked for three sets, I told him the stall was closed and asked him to come the next day.

"He said he would come to my stall at 7am the next day even though I open at 10 am.

"He did come, but I didn't expect him to walk, and when he arrived, his clothes were soaked.

"Perhaps he was willing to come because there was no food at home, and after hearing his story, I gave him food and bought disposable diapers for his child.

"Then, I arranged and paid for an e-hailing ride for him to return home," he said when contacted.

According to Roimran, following his post on Facebook, the Selangor Zakat Board (LZS) contacted him to get more information and sent representatives to deliver cash donations.

"At that time, LZS informed me they wanted to visit to see the situation of the man and his family.

"I'm grateful and still in touch with him and was informed he has now found work and has his needs covered.

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