Family holds 'ghost marriage' for couple killed in Perak crash

KUALA LUMPUR: The families of a Chinese couple who died in a car accident recently held a "ghost marriage" ceremony to find closure following their death.

China Press reported that the families arranged a "ghost marriage" for the deceased couple, a poignant act to ensure their loved ones would be united as husband and wife in the afterlife.

It said the couple were involved in a terrible accident where their car overturned on a road in Perak, claiming both lives on May 24.

Previously, it said the boyfriend Yang Jingshan, 31, an international referee for the Malaysia Dragon and Lion Dance Sports Association, had planned to propose to his girlfriend in Thailand that month.

It said Yang had been in a relationship with his 32-year-old girlfriend for three years, but it ended with the tragic accident.

Their families then planned to hold the ceremony. According to Sin Chew Daily, their families also created wedding photos for the pair.

Traditional Chinese belief holds that unfulfilled desires, like marriage, can trap restless spirits in the afterlife and they may return to haunt the living.

"Influenced by Chinese culture, ghost marriages also exist in many East Asian countries such as North Korea and Japan.

"Whether it is out of longing and compensation for the deceased or for their own interests, the ones who truly seek comfort and relief from anxiety are the living," Chinese folklore expert Huang Jingchun told the The Paper.

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