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#NSTviral: Leave comedy to the experts, Lee Chong Wei tells Jocelyn Chia

KUALA LUMPUR: National badminton legend Datuk Lee Chong Wei has weighed in on the recent controversy surrounding stand up performer Jocelyn Chia, responding with a mix of sarcasm and a heartfelt plea for love.

In a Facebook post yesterday, Lee expressed his disapproval of the offensive statement by Chia, a Singaporean-born comedian, about the tragic disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

Lee quipped, "Haiya, (why do you) want to do such low jokes? Malaysians and Singaporeans always love each other."

"Why liddat (like that), why liddat?" he wrote.

Lee continued in a sarcastic tone, playfully questioning where Chia had learnt her craft from.

He also tagged famous Singaporean comedians in his posting.

"Jack Neo Chee Keong, Mark Lee Kok Huang, Wang Lei and Thia Henry… Don't tell me she is your disciple or younger sister in the comedic clan," he said.

Lee's response, however, went beyond humour.

He urged people to treat one another with kindness and to stop promoting hate.

"Spread love, not hate, people," he advised.

Lee emphasised the importance of knowing one's limits in the realm of comedy, advising those unfamiliar with the art to refrain from attempting it.

He humorously suggested that they simply sit back, relax, and let the seasoned comedians, including the personalities he mentioned in his post, handle the task.

"If you don't know how to joke, you don't need to do anything. Just sit back and relax and let the names I mentioned do their work."

In a heartfelt statement, he added, "Malaysia and Singapore, bagai isi dengan kuku (inseparable)."

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Lee's comments resonated with the public, drawing attention to the need for mutual respect and understanding.

His words have sparked a broader conversation about the impact of jokes and the power of unity between nations.

Facebook user Marlene Lim thanked Lee for his deep affection towards Malaysia.

"Thank you for standing up for Malaysia DLCW!"

Syafa Bakawali said the advice Lee shared was important for establishing unity.

"Love Datuk's advise, 'spread the love'. That's crucial to live in harmony."

User Jessy Low PL agreed with Lee, saying, "That's right, if you don't know how to joke, just be the audience."

"She forgot to put MSG on her joke," said Ana Nordin in the comment section.

"I'm wondering how Uncle Roger, Nigel Ng, would respond to this," said Redzu Wan.

User Mike Mike found the "joke" made by the comedian to be inhumane, writing, "Families of the tragedy still don't have closure, and nobody knows exactly what happened.

"So, it's never too soon or late to joke about it. It's not a material to joke about."

The post has garnered 19,000 likes and 1,264 shares at press time.

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