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#NSTViral: Grandma's haj savings lost to termites

KUALA LUMPUR: A netizen's social media post expressing despair over the loss of his grandmother's haj savings to termites has gone viral.

In a Facebook post, Khairul Azhar said: "Today, I found out that as much as RM30,000 that my grandmother saved to perform the haj next year was eaten by termites."

He attached to the post a picture of the destroyed ringgit notes that appeared to be placed in a shoe box.

Khairul said he handed over half of the cash to Bank Negara, but the other half could not be saved.

"It is not my grandmother's 'rezeki' to go to Makkah. Lesson learnt. Don't keep so much cash at home."

In the comments, netizens said they were also saddened by the loss.

Some people shared advice on keeping cash safe from pests.

Skbahagia Tawau said: "You should keep it in a glass or tin container."

Hayati Ismail said: "Keep it inside a Milo tin next time. Or just deposit it into a Tabung Haji account."

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