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#NSTviral: Shopper's 'quality control' spark outrage on TikTok

KUALA LUMPUR: A shopper was caught on video 'being picky', choosing only the best green grapes during her visit to a supermarket recently.

In the video, uploaded on TikTok by a user with the handle @shazwaaa, the woman was seen meticulously selecting only the best green grapes from various containers, effectively conducting her own form of 'quality control' on the supermarket's produce.

The shopper's actions raised eyebrows as she was alleged to have topped up her container with grapes from different packages.

"Perangai betul (such a nerve). She filled her container to the brim by taking (the grapes) from other containers. She even gave her son (the grapes).

"The containers have been weighed. Please do not normalise this kind of behaviour, let alone in front of the children," read the caption on the video.

Checks on the comment section saw the user said that she recorded the video as proof and had since lodged a report to the supermarket staff.

The video sparked widespread criticism from netizens, with many condemning the shopper's actions as selfish and inconsiderate.

User @figoas said: "No wonder the grapes weighed less than they should be."

On the other hand, @wiii2112 contended that the grapes had yet to be weighed, suggesting that the shopper might end up paying more due to her actions.

Several users shared their encounters with similar behaviour by shoppers, recounting incidents involving switching eggs between different grades, peeling the outer layers of garlic, or even consuming products like yoghurt drinks and returning them to the shelves.

User @anchalii wrote: "You can always find them in the egg section. They switch eggs from B grade to A grade."

User @mairaaanur said: "I used to encounter a shopper filling the softener bottle of hers with another bottle. Since then, I always compare the weight of all the bottles before purchasing it."


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