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#NSTviral: Cyclists hogging country road, netizens annoyed

KUALA LUMPUR: A video capturing a group of cyclists 'hogging' the road along Jalan Sungai Lui in Hulu Langat has gone viral, raising concerns about road safety and proper conduct.

The footage, lasting one minute and forty-four seconds, has garnered nearly 300,000 views on social media, specifically on X, after being posted by user @nanmanjoi8715.

It showed a car driver struggling to overtake the group of cyclists along the stretch.

Instead of riding in a single file to accommodate passing vehicles, the cyclists were observed riding side-by-side, blocking the flow of traffic.

Notably, one of the cyclists signaled the car driver to overtake from the opposite lane but on a double-lined road.

Despite the inconvenience, the driver refrained from honking and managed to navigate past the cyclists without incident.

X users however were not amused by the cyclists' behavior.

@kapten_y expressed apprehension about potential accidents resulting from the situation, emphasising the risk of the cyclists being hit by vehicles.

"One day they might get hit," he said.

Another X user @aliffshanusi commented on the perceived entitlement of cyclists.

"They pay expensive road tax." he said.

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