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#NSTviral: Kelantan concert controversy unravels as cultural tradition of Siamese community

KUALA LUMPUR: A viral video showcasing scantily dressed women performing at a concert in Kelantan has triggered a heated debate across social media platforms.

The video sparked considerable backlash, drawing attention to the state government's seemingly contradictory stance, particularly in light of previous Pas criticism regarding international performances.

The uproar prompted some netizens to express their concerns and call for a thorough investigation into the event.

@Lahhamid, questioned the permissibility of such an occurrence within Kelantan.

"I hope this event will be properly investigated," said the X user.

However, those familiar with the event came forward to clear the air.

@Hock_ann26 took to social media to clarify the context behind the event, elucidating that the concert was held within the premises of a Wat, a Siamese Buddhist house of worship.

He pointed out that the concert was one of the activities incorporated into the annual Thod Phapa ceremony (Buddhism's robe-offering ceremony).

"I didn't think this day would come… As a Chinese Kelantenese Buddhist, let me tell you… the answer is this concert was held at a Wat (house of worship of the Siamese Buddhists), and only held within its compound."

Hoping to dispel misunderstandings surrounding the event, he said the Thod Phapa ceremony was held every year, and that such concert has been held since he was small.

Another X user, @Fendybfendy urged for understanding, emphasising the cultural significance of the concert for the Siamese community.

"Please don't be angry as the concert is special for the Siamese community in Kelantan. A lot of them reside in Tumpat." he said.

At Press time, the video has garnered nearly 200,000 views and received 144 comments.

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