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#NSTviral: TikTok video captures emotional goodbye to beloved school security guard [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: A heartwarming video posted on TikTok captured netizens' emotions as they witnessed the celebration of a school security guard, affectionately known as Uncle Kittu, upon his transfer to another school.

The 73-second video, shared by @lindalabu, portrayed pupils and teachers from SK Bandar Baru Putera in Ipoh, Perak, expressing their gratitude and fondness for Uncle Kittu.

In the video, students took turns shaking hands with Uncle Kittu, offering hugs, and presenting him with parting gifts.

The touching moment it culminated in a group hug, showcasing the deep connection between the security guard and the school community.

The video quickly gained traction, amassing over 2.1 million views and 152.6k likes.

Netizens flooded the comment section with inquiries about Uncle Kittu's rapport with the pupils, expressing admiration for the genuine affection displayed.

One user, @mak_jemah82, remarked on Uncle Kittu's apparent kindness, while @qis_01wr, a parent, echoed the sentiment, praising his responsible nature.

"Yes, he is a very nice person. We, as parents, also feel sad that he was being transferred to another school, let alone the pupils. He is a responsible guard," said @qis_01wr.

Another user, @putraloyz77, shed light on the security guard's strict yet commendable traffic management, with some parents expressing regret over his transfer.

@ernieali2406 commended the school, teachers, and pupils for organising a special ceremony to celebrate Uncle Kittu.

"It is rare to see a school that hosts such a ceremony to celebrate its security guard."

Additionally, @sivamramasamy highlighted the unity and respect evident in the video, dispelling stereotypes about racial divides.

"This is Malaysia. Who said that the Malays are racist? We respect one another."

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