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#NSTviral: Cyberjaya, now a ghost town? [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: Cyberjaya, once hailed as Malaysia's Silicon Valley, has gained a new reputation as a 'ghost town' in recent times.

Various social media videos depict the city as being "full of abandoned shops and restaurants".

A TikTok user, @Mynameisdylan, posted a video on Saturday discussing Cyberjaya.

He said despite Cyberjaya giving off a ghost town vibe, there could be positive developments in the property market since completion of the MRT Putrajaya Line, also known as MRT 2.

"Cyberjaya is a ghost town. I heard from a friend back then as he said no one resides here. This is not my first time here. I typically (visit Cyberjaya) for work," the caption read.

"Today, I had an hour to explore Cyberjaya at a leisurely pace, and I noticed the distinct road conditions and overall vibe in this Malaysian Silicon Valley.

"It felt reminiscent of Melbourne. Sitting at my table, I observed two tables of expats enjoying lunch with their families nearby.

"Despite the reputation for unsold properties, it's not due to poor infrastructure or distance from the city centre; it's more about pricing. Cyberjaya was once hyped as the Silicon Valley of Malaysia, but developers were greedy and priced properties significantly higher than the median, leading to an overhang."

Dylan said with the recent completion of MRT 2, positive signs are emerging in the property market.

"Driving back, I marvelled at the multiple new launches with a township concept along the same stretch of road.

"Reflecting on how people once perceived Cyberjaya as 'doomed,' it's clear that new launches are thriving, offering affordable prices.

"As more people consider moving to Cyberjaya, will traffic congestion in KL city decrease? Could this reshape the property landscape in Malaysia?"

In 2022, Malakat Mall became viral on TikTok as an "abandoned ghost mall".

Cyberjaya was developed in 1997 as the brainchild of the former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who wanted to build a "multimedia economy".

Despite initial aspirations, the city, now home to over 100,000 residents, is often labelled a "failure" with limited signs of the anticipated tech boom.

Rather than hosting unicorn startups and major tech offices, Cyberjaya has evolved into a residential area known for affordable rent and a low-cost living environment, marked by pockets of nearly deserted spaces, in stark contrast to the typical Silicon Valley image.

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