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#NSTviral: Elderly man assaulted in roadside altercation, viral video sparks outrage

KUALA LUMPUR: A recent video depicting an altercation following a traffic accident has gone viral, sparking public concern and outrage on social media.

The video, shared by user @MohamadYusofBi6 on the X platform,  captured an altercation involving an elderly man (the driver), and another passenger who were assaulted by two individuals

In the caption, the user expressed concern about the current state of humanity and called on others to prevent such incidents, particularly those involving the elderly and their families.

"What is happening to people nowadays? Let's avoid such incidents happening to our families, especially the elderly. It's near to becoming an accident. Let there be humanity."

The video showed a visibly upset individual aggressively confronting the elderly man, punching the car's window, and kicking the elderly man while another individual was seen slapping a passenger.

The video garnered more than 450,000 views.

User @DillSnelling commented that the individuals involved in the incident should be arrested and taken to the police station.

"Those boys should be apprehended, taken to the police station, and taught to respect the elderly. Even if they were in the wrong, they should behave more courteously.

"Physical strength alone is not a measure of one's character; wisdom and maturity are equally important," he said.

Another user, @PuanARMY said that resorting to physical violence is not justified, even in disagreements, regardless of the person's age.

"Even if the person is not elderly, you shouldn't resort to physical violence.

"I always advise my children that, even in disagreements, they should avoid getting into physical altercations. Express your anger, but why resort to hitting?" said the user.

"We must remember that Malaysia has its laws, and most people have phones capable of recording. Never take the law into your own hands, as it may lead to severe penalties or imprisonment for us as well," said user @azizul_megu.

In the comment section, it was understood that the incident occurred in the Semenyih area.

The New Straits Times reached out to the Semenyih police station for information but was told that the incident happened in Beranang.

When contacted, the Beranang police station said no reports have been made regarding the incident.

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