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#NSTviral: Song about using turn signals gains praise of netizens [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: A content creator's catchy song about using car turn signals has gained widespread popularity for highlighting the important but often ignored aspect of responsible driving.

Bryson Lew's "Guna Signal" song, has even prompted Malaysian netizens to urge radio stations to play the tune on air, hoping that it would act as a reminder for road users to use their turn indicators.

Some even tagged the Road Transport Department in Lew's post which was shared on Instagram, calling the authority to collaborate with him to increase awareness.

User @bapaknaahanif said: "@jpjmalaysia should use this video as one of their awareness advertisements or for all television and radio stations to play this song."

Another individual claimed that he met with an accident and fell into a coma just because the vehicle in front of him failed to use his turn signals.

"I rammed into a 4X4 vehicle because he did not signal to the left, and I fell into a coma for two weeks.

"I was hospitalised for two months, and I have not fully recovered," said @ayieprotokk___.

Meanwhile, @nurfalys expressed gratitude that someone "finally" released a song about using car turn signals.

"Don't be selfish and endanger the lives of others around you," she said.

Lew, who also plays the guitar, sang about people on the road not using their turn signals when making a corner.

The song was written in Malay and Mandarin.

"I have found many people not using their signals. Jalan ini bapak kau yang punya (does the road belong to your father)?

"Gunalah signal, tak tahu apa susahnya (use the signals, don't know why it's so hard)."

The video had since been viewed over 3.4 million times.

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