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#NSTViral: Former chef exposes disgusting kitchen conditions at Eco Majestic Semenyih eatery

KUALA LUMPUR: An eatery in Eco Majestic Semenyih faced severe backlash when a former chef, who had been employed for only four days, exposed the disgusting conditions of the kitchen.

In a post on the X platform, user @afiqjuga uploaded screenshots of the viral posting of the eatery circulating in the local Facebook group.

"A photo of the kitchen at a café in Eco Majestic Semenyih has gone viral.

"It's unsettling to see the state of its kitchen," the post read.

Allegations suggest that the restaurant staff resigned due to their refusal to serve customers spoiled food prepared in unclean conditions.

Several pictures were uploaded, including mouldy Asam Pedas stew, rotten meat due to improper storage in a chiller, and utensils covered in mould.

Chemical substances were placed near dry food to exacerbate matters, posing a cross-contamination risk.

In an unexpected turn of events, a man claiming to be the eatery's owner defended themselves, attributing the incident to a disgruntled former staff member acting out of malice.

The owner also uploaded a copy of the police report against the allegations, stressing that the ex-chef had only worked with them for four days.

"The so-called 'chef from hell' was employed here and deliberately neglected kitchen cleanliness, urging others to spread the word.

"It's illogical that during her brief employment, this 'infernal chef' failed to adhere to cleaning protocols as directed by the management, resulting in the kitchen's poor condition.

"Her malicious act of disseminating these pictures to discredit our business is deplorable."

However, based on NST's verification, Facebook user Nur Farina Abdullah updated that the Health Ministry has taken action against the eatery.

The unsanitary eatery has been issued a temporary closure order for two weeks.

"The Health Ministry conducted inspections and issued a Temporary Closure Order Notice, effective from today, Feb 9, until Feb 22, spanning 14 days.

"The closure directive is due to unsanitary conditions, posing a risk to public health. During this period, owners are given the opportunity to rectify cleanliness issues within their premises."

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