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#NSTviral: Motorcyclists be aware! Act of vandalism sparks concern over SmartLane awareness [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: A video capturing a motorcyclist damaging a car's side mirror has sparked a call for motorcyclists to be aware of the existence of SmartLanes during the festive season.

Shared in the Dash Cam Malaysia group by Akhi Ismile on Facebook, the incident unfolded as he navigated the SmartLane near the Sungai Buaya interchange in Hulu Selangor yesterday.

"Even while using the SmartLane, my side mirror was struck. There's a SmartLane signboard just 500 meters ahead on the highway," lamented Ismile in his post.

Accompanied by images showcasing the damage caused to his car's side mirror, Ismile's post has drawn public outcry against the motorcyclist's actions, with many calling for swift action against the perpetrator.

"The majority seem unaware of the SmartLane's existence, perhaps isolated from information. Stay strong, car owner; the license plate number has been obtained. We anticipate decisive action from the authorities," said Akmal Dahlan.

"The rider appears oblivious to the SmartLane's purpose. Despite its 'permissible' use, they treat it as 'off-limits' for cars," commented Mohd Saifullah.

"Immediate police intervention is necessary. Let's witness how these offenders behave when confronted," said Mohamad Amirul Jais.

Additionally, some social media users shared their own experiences with the SmartLane.

"Yesterday, I found myself blocked in the middle of the SmartLane... I didn't even have time to shout for them to read the signboard on the side... it's as if we're at fault," said Fairuz Safiee.

When SmartLane is activated, the existing leftmost lane is opened as an additional lane to increase lane capacity and help facilitate traffic flow. It aims to optimize the use of all lanes and enhance lane capacity to reduce traffic congestion on critical highway lanes.

Plus' official X account said that the SmartLane has been activated in several areas, including KM 4.2 - KM 1.8 (southbound) from Dato Onn to Pasir Gudang and KM 367.3 - KM 354 (northbound) between Slim River and Sungkai.

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