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#NSTviral: 'Invisible' sandwich filling has netizen feeling scammed [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: A customer was left disappointed when he discovered that the home-made sandwiches he had purchased from a shop was devoid of filling.

The filling was was only spread at the visible and exposed side of the sandwich, supposedly to deceive the buyers.

In the video, the man shows the pitiful state of his sandwich, and the sparse content of the sandwich. He did not specify where it was bought.

He then goes on to say that he already eaten one of the sandwiches, and this was the second piece which he referred to as  "Sandwich Tipu, only the front has stuffing, behind is empty. How could one do this?"

The video tagged as 'Sandwich Ghaib' was shared on Facebook in Fattah Amin's fan page less than 24 hours ago and has so far received 56,000 views and 81 comments, drawing criticism to the seller of the sandwich.

Among the comments the video received were from Fuziah Ahmad who also experienced a similar situation.

"Have also been cheated like this .. the filling is only on the sides, inside empty. Certainly won't halalkan," she wrote.

Meriam Hassan wrote :"Get rich quick like this. no blessing to trade like this.  Remember that God sees what you do."

Leeza haleeza said :"Have to tell the store manager and show proof", suggesting that the man complain to the store where he had bought the sandwich.

Adika faika wrote: "I've had the same thing happen to me before. I was very hungry in the hospital taking care of my sick husband, so I bought an egg mayo sandwich. It's really sad that the egg was only at the end of the bread and was priced at RM 4.90. Why are there scammers like this?"

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