Things getting expensive? Try these sarcastic solutions

KUALA LUMPUR: Government officials seem to have found a "brilliant solution" to rising food prices which is to not buy something if it has become unaffordable, netizens wrote on social media.

Recently, Norena Jaafar, Melaka Domestic Trade And Consumer Affairs Ministry director, told Malaysians, in light of the hike in prices of eggs, to eat fewer eggs.

Her statement drew criticisms on social media with Malaysians calling her out for failing to realise that eggs were a main source of protein for low-income earners, citing the popular staple of "telur masak kicap" (eggs cooked in soy sauce) served on a bed of white rice as a go-to meal.

"Eggs is one of the cheapest proteins. Raising the ceiling price will only hurt the poor. Some families only eat eggs with plain rice," a netizen wrote on Twitter.

"Egg price went up and they tell us to eat fewer eggs. Chicken price goes up, we are asked not to eat chicken for a month. Instead it should be #kuranggajimenteri (reduce ministers' pay), do away with corruption and what is with the number of ministers in our Cabinet?" another said.

Prior to that, government officials advised Malaysians to eat less chicken, use less cooking oil, and to cycle to work.

Amid these "pearls of wisdom" from government officials, it gave rise to a trend of unhelpful, yet funny solutions to real world problems.

"Gaji menteri makin tinggi, kurangkan menteri. (Ministers' pay are on the rise, so reduce the number of ministers)," Nazlinda Yusof commented on Instagram.

Ijai Cool jumped on the bandwagon with a clever wordplay, "Taj Mahal? Kurangkan Taj."

"Tambang bas makin mahal, kurangkan ke sekolah. (School bus fee increases, cut back on going to school)," Sue Sames said.

"Petrol price has gone up, so cut back on going to the office," Noor Afifah wrote.

Twitter user @piargh wrote: "Kos sara hidup tinggi? Kurangkan hidup. Cuba hidup 3=4 hari je seminggu." (Cost of living is high? Live less. Maybe try living only 3-4 days a week.)

Another said that should rice become more expensive, the people should start cultivating padi before the government tells us to do so.

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