'I'm sorry Anwar', says Tian Chua

KUALA LUMPUR: Former PKR vice-president Tian Chua has expressed apology to party president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim over the decision to run as an independent for the Batu parliamentary seat.

Tian Chua also said he would accept any disciplinary action decided by the party towards him.

He is running against PKR's P. Prabakaran, whom Tian Chua had shored up support for during the 14th General Election.

Tian Chua said he acknowledged Anwar's disappointment over the decision but remained confident that it would not strain their relationship.

"I have to respect the president and I understand Anwar's dilemma. He had to carry out his responsibilities as president by abiding by party rules. I just want to serve Batu as its elected representative again.

"I completely understand his frustration and I'm sorry for having to do something that saddens him.

"However, I would like to emphasize that my friendship with Anwar will not change in the slightest, even if it is influenced by current political events.

"I still respect and appreciate his sacrifice as a leader, and wish him success in GE15," he told BH when contacted today.

Yesterday, Anwar was reported to have said that Tian Chua was automatically fired from PKR following his action to contest on an Independent ticket in the Batu parliamentary seat in GE15.

Anwar, who expressed his disappointment with the actions of the party's reformers, said Tian Chua should not go on that course by turning his back on the party's decision.

"We will take appropriate action. Usually, as the party's policy, those who run as an independent candidate or leave the party for any reason will automatically be fired by the party," he said.

PKR nominated Prabakaran to represent Pakatan Harapan (PH) to contest for Batu, thus becoming one of the youngest candidates in GE15.

Tian Chua, who once held the Batu parliamentary seat for two terms, previously expressed his disappointment with the list of candidates announced by the party leadership.

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