Rafizi: No gag order on Zahid's DNAA issue

KUALA LUMPUR: Rafizi Ramli has assured that there is no gag order by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim with regards to Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's recent discharge of all corruption charges.

In response to claims that the majority of Pakatan Harapan politicians had remained silent on the matter, the Economy Minister, who is also PKR deputy president, said that as a member of the unity government, they would follow the proper procedure as they had the authority to demand and summon officers.

"There is no gag order and there is no instructions to close ranks on this matter.

"Once you are the government (of the day) and you know you have room to demand and summon officers, we'll follow through the process.

"The best process for the time being is to call in the two attorney-generals (Tan Sri Idrus Harun and Datuk Ahmad Terrirudin Mohd Salleh) to parliament and the best we can do is to focus on reforms and expediting the separation of powers between the Attorney-General Chambers (AGC) and the public prosecutor's office," he said in an interview with local radio station, BFM The Breakfast Grille earlier, today.

Rafizi emphasised that there was no interference by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on the matter despite public accusation and criticism.

He added that Anwar was unable to provide any comments or instructions when Idrus decided to discharge Zahid of all 47 corruption allegations related to Yayasan Akal Budi prior to his retirement, as doing so would constitute interference in the matter.

"The fact that the Prime Minister did not stop me from talking, did not stop the discussion of the Cabinet asking for an explanation, did not interfere with our party leaders asking to summon the two AGs to parliament, to me that's clear proof (that he did not interfere).

"The public will find out, and let's find out from the two AGs themselves.

"I am as keen as anyone else but to accuse the prime minister and to expect him to interfere with the decision of the AG or whatever that may be, the public has to be fair to the government," he said.

Yesterday, the Special Select Committee on Human Rights, Elections and Institutional Reform said they would hold proceedings to review amendments to the Federal Constitution regarding the separation of powers of the AGC and the public prosecutor's office.

The committee will start its proceedings by calling upon Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Law and Institutional Reform) Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said, Attorney-General Datuk Ahmad Terrirudin Mohd Salleh and former Attorney-General Tan Sri Idrus Harun.

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