Anwar: No more 'tebuk atap' moves, government to remain strong

KUALA LUMPUR: One year on, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is confident that there will not be any more 'tebuk atap' movements to topple the government.

He said that they coalition parties do not have any conflicts in administration of the country despite their different political ideologies.

"The question is because of the fear of a 'tebuk atap' but ours is now made of concrete roof.

"Tebuk atap" is a Malay idiom that literally translates to "poking holes in the roof." In a political context, it is used metaphorically to refer to attempts to undermine or topple a government, usually through internal conflicts, dissent, or political maneuvering

"The Cabinet never faced any conflict in the name of party differences, InsyaAllah we have strength now because we are focused not on political party conflicts, but on how to raise the dignity of the country," he said.


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