Tengku Zafrul quits as Selangor Umno treasurer

KUALA LUMPUR: Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Abdul Aziz has resigned as Selangor Umno treasurer, citing differences with the state chapter's leadership.

In a Facebook post, Tengku Zafrul said he believed cooperation between parties in the unity government must be strengthened.

"(It should not) be weakened by the notion that Umno's problems lie with its relations with other parties, more so when such a relationship exists at the federal level.

"A lot hinges on the attitude and approach of state Umno leaders."

Zafrul said that when he was elected as a member of the Selangor Umno Supreme Council and appointed as the state treasurer for Umno Selangor over a year ago, he aimed to bring a resurgence of Umno in the state.

"Selangor is a crucial state for any political party. Its diverse demographics, with a majority Malay Bumiputera base, coupled with the urban-rural balance, reflects the broader dynamics of Malaysia. Its economic vibrancy consistently positions Selangor as a focal point for all activities.

"As a result, if a party lacks a strong presence in Selangor, it can hardly be considered a national party or a party for the future," he said.

Alluding to the party's decline since the last state election, Zafrul said it was time for changes to take place swiftly.

"To avoid this reality, effective strategies need to be devised with resolutions that align with the current realities. The results of the state elections in Selangor last year should serve as a clear indication that some changes need to be implemented urgently.

"Among other things, offerings to Selangor voters must be comprehensive - tested and reviewed with stakeholders.

"I have seen firsthand how the Umno president and national leadership tirelessly craft paths for the party's resurgence at the central level. However, no matter how brilliant the central planning is, execution lies at the state and grassroots levels. I cannot comment on other states, but for my state of Selangor, the execution has been lacklustre and sometimes not in line with the central themes," he added.

Zafrul said that he goes by a simple approach and principle; if he couldn't make any positive changes, then he would vacate his post.

"If I cannot contribute to positive change or improvement, then I should not hold any position. It is better for me to vacate a position for someone who can contribute more effectively.

"Therefore, effective today, I am resigning from the position of treasurer of Umno Selangor.

He thanked the party for their trust in him and having appointed him.

"I will continue to fulfil my duties and roles as an Umno division chief and a member of the Supreme Council.

"I always pray that Allah SWT blesses our genuine struggle together, and may Umno, especially Umno Selangor, regain its footing in the hearts of the people of this state, God willing.

"May Umno return to the forefront of the country's politics for religion, race, and the nation. Past, present, and forever."

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