MCA Youth: How can we support DAP in KKB by-election after all the insults?

KUALA LUMPUR: Everyone should respect MCA's stance to stay out of the Kuala Kubu Baharu (KKB) by-election.

MCA Youth information chief Neow Choo Seong reiterated the party's unwavering stance to not support any other party unless the candidate is from Barisan Nasional, adding that it could not support a DAP candidate after the insults it had received from various leaders of the Pakatan Harapan component.

Emphasising the principles of democracy and freedom, he said MCA Youth respects the diverse opinions surrounding the recent declaration by the MCA Political Development Committee.

"The committee announced that MCA would abstain from participating in the KKB by-election unless the candidate represents Barisan Nasional, a decision wholeheartedly supported by the MCA Youth executive committee.

"MCA Youth would also like to respond to several comments related to this decision, including erroneous accusations that MCA is power hungry and wants to contest in the upcoming KKB by-election," he said before referring to the past year's six state elections.

Neow said during the last state elections namely in Selangor, Kedah, Negeri Sembilan, Penang, Kelantan, and Terengganu, that was held on Aug 12, MCA had decided not to participate even though it was offered to contest.

"Back then, we had only campaigned for Barisan Nasional candidates in the six related states. If MCA were power-hungry, we would undoubtedly have lobbied and contested in those six states. However, this did not happen.

"Furthermore, of late, DAP leaders including its secretary-general, Anthony Loke, had openly attacked and insulted MCA with various accusations and misperceptions. Anthony Loke has haughtily declared that he dislikes MCA and labeled MCA as a 'parti towkay'.

"This slur is clearly malicious slander to tarnish MCA's reputation," Neow said, adding that DAP deputy chairman Teresa Kok had also ordered MCA to quit BN.

Neow also questioned when DAP began thinking it had the right to determine BN's direction.

"Some even allege that DAP's candidate is BN's candidate. Since when did DAP become a component of BN?

"The increasingly arrogant conduct of DAP leaders hurts the grassroots of MCA. After insulting our party with various derogatory and annoying sputter, are the MCA grassroots left with any desire to come to DAP's aid to defend the KKB seat?"

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