Obesity a growing problem

LETTERS: Obesity in Malaysia is a serious issue. The sight of a chubby 5-year-old child with puffed up cheeks and his pants dropping below the tummy is cause for concern.

Previously, it was not uncommon to see middle-aged adults with their pants slipping below their bellies.

The availability of fast food is the perfect recipe for the onset of obesity.

Malaysians are used to a sedentary lifestyle, patronising malls being their priority.

The handphone culture and armchair television viewing have made us lackadaisical in living a healthy lifestyle.

One orders "teh tarik kurang manis", but it's still sweet.

There should be a reduction in the price of a cup of tea or coffee if what is ordered is supposed to be "kurang manis" or "kosong" (without sugar).

But the price of the drink is the same with or without sugar.

Reducing the price will encourage people to cut their sugar intake.

The consumption of carbohydrates too needs to be controlled.

At some restaurants, a mountain of rice is served.

People need to change their eating habit and do more sports activities.


Klang, Selangor

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