Let's help Anwar raise Malaysia

LETTERS: INTERNAL division and systemic ignorance remain two of the biggest factors holding back our true potential.

There are no absolute gains or losses in politics and they should not be framed within the narrow scope of "one's win is another's loss".

A zero-sum approach should no longer be seen as just another political manoeuvre, and we must create a new dawn of confidence, resonance, affiliation and a sense of hope and purpose in the country.

Beware, too, of the disparity across states, regions and levels of development.

We have to build more integration, exchanges, trust and cohesion among the people and institutions.

We must confront and address the gaps that threaten to stymie our progress and limit our true potential in the future as a group. These include the racial understanding and acceptance gap, the regional East-West-North gap in the peninsula, the East-West Malaysia gap, the demographic gap, the gender gap, the ideological and political gap, the education and knowledge gap, the rich-poor gap and the technological literacy gap.

For us to succeed and progress, a much higher concerted movement and political will are needed, as in the clarion call for a national purpose.

On the positive side, we remain well on the progressive path in terms of democratic principles and initiatives, and with the new reforms, we must strive to be a beacon and bastion of good governance and progressive growth that would restore our image, reputation and standing in the world.

We have an abundance of resources and progressive tools to be a great nation, which most countries can only dream of. We must start to capitalise on our shared strength for common benefit and advantage.

Rapid changes in economic and geopolitical dimensions can affect the nation and we cannot afford to lose our edge.

The post-15th General Election period gives an opening for us to come together, consolidate our strength, and seize on our advantage to reclaim our great standing and clout in economic and social progress. In the new corridor of nation-building and in strengthening our true capacity in knowledge creation and economic opportunities, we must strive to create inclusivity, fairness, justice and comprehensive capitalisation of our core strengths in people, talent, resources and knowledge.

This is the time to spark a new beacon of hope and confidence, one that will bring back our own talent and expertise and attract greater talent, knowledge and investments the world over.

Now is the time to restore, repair, reform and rejuvenate, and we must not let the past derail our goal to move forward and elevate our nation to greatness.

Because this is our only known home, we are all obligated in our patriotic duty as proud Malaysians to devote ourselves to making our country stronger.

Hope and optimism abound, and the best is truly yet to come, from all of us, stronger together.

For true reform and rejuvenation of our state of politics and progress, efforts from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim alone will not be sufficient. In short, all quarters must help him.


Kuala Lumpur

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