RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOUR: Put civics back in school curriculum

THE Elmina plane crash tragedy is exacerbated by heartless and insensitive Malaysians posting images of the victims.

This prompted the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to urge them to cease and desist.

But why is this happening in our country, which had hitherto been known for nurturing a caring society?

We see people behaving in similar and other insensitive manner everywhere we turn, like littering, beating traffic lights, bullying in schools, sensationalising tragic events, and having scant regard for social harmony.

These acts and behaviour stem from a lack of sensitivity and civic consciousness, both of which are crucial for sustaining a harmonious social order.

We have to develop and nurture our people, especially the young, to be caring, law-abiding and sensitive to the needs of others.

These habits must be inculcated in children in schools.

We must reintroduce Civics as a compulsory subject in the school curriculum.

However, under the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025, the subject was removed from the curriculum and integrated into subjects, such as Islamic History for some and Moral Studies for others.

As a subject, Civics is important because it is an essential element in the development of responsible citizens.

Children who understand their rights and responsibilities are more likely to become informed and engaged citizens who participate in the democratic process.

Teaching civic consciousness promotes respect for diversity and inclusion.

When children learn about different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives, they are more likely to embrace tolerance and understanding, fostering a harmonious society.

Civic education empowers children to recognise their ability to make a positive impact.

Civic education encourages critical thinking. Children learn to analyse information, differentiate between reliable and biassed sources, and form informed opinions.

By imparting an understanding of civic values, encouraging active participation and nurturing a sense of responsibility, we can mould citizens who are not just passive observers but also active contributors to societal transformation.


Kuala Lumpur

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